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Exchange Problem (Urgent Solution)

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  • Exchange Problem (Urgent Solution)

    Hello All

    currently i am facing problem between 2 exchange servers. the following message is giving me when i send from one exchange user to another exchange user.

    The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

    CN=New Jnah Receiving Admin,OU=Jnah Users,DC=jnah,DC=spinneys,DC=local on 09/09/2007 10:09 AM
    The message could not be delivered because the recipient's destination email system is unknown or invalid. Please check the address and try again, or contact your system administrator to verify connectivity to the email system of the recipient.
    <nrexchange.spinneys.local #5.1.2>

    after i restart the exchange server the emails are working properly but in the morning i am facing this kind of problems everytime. is there any one faced this problem before.

    Thanks, Cheers

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    Re: Exchange Problem (Urgent Solution)

    Let me get this right?

    * This is happening no matter who you send mails to within your organisation or is it just to specific users?

    * After you restart the server the issue goes away but them comes back? How quickly?

    Michael Armstrong
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      Re: Exchange Problem (Urgent Solution)

      HI Michael,

      Let me tell you all the Scenario which i am facing. i had on exchange server in a branch and it went down due the Hardware problem i reinstalled with different Domain name and exchange as a child domain of my Domain. so whats happening is getting the old useraccounts in the Address book... which is not the same as the new AD & Exchange i make it in the branch. so i am going on the main exchange server and doing Rebuild and restart. after times it is working well, i can send and receive emails suddenly all the name in address book they are changing from new account to old account and the error message is giving me "system administrator " undeliverable".

      i removed the old exchange server from the system manager and the active directory domain name from the site and services. is there any thing i should remove i am missing so everytime it replicates its taking the old configuration of that branch.

      i dont know if my thinking is the right way.. if you light my way to trouble shoot this problem.

      any info need more i will be hanging here around..



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        Re: Exchange Problem (Urgent Solution)

        Are you users in cached mode? If so I suspect that something is going wrong with the offline address book. It is either using old information or something like that.
        You should have looked at recovering what you had before, rather than using new information. That would most likely have ensured that this problem did not occur. Has the old server been correctly removed from the domain? Have all of the user accounts been rehomed correctly AND that information has replicated around the domain?

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          Re: Exchange Problem (Urgent Solution)

          Yes simon all my users are in cache mode??? and what your saying its true i should fix the same one but the problem is it will be too much downtime and i need to avoid it....

          what is hapenning on the exchange right now if the users plans to send email to Group in exchange the email is not working until i restart the server and after the emails are working very well.

          Note: The windows 2003 SP2 and exchange SP2 are not there? do this affect of what is happenning on the exchange server..

          Thanks Sarkis