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Access Exchange 2003 from Child Domain

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  • Access Exchange 2003 from Child Domain

    I did not see any post that hits my exact situation so here goes ...

    My company has a root/child Domain structure with Exchange in the Child Domain along with all of our users. We are buying another company and hosting servers for them in a seperate Child Domain below common root. I want them to be able to share the Exchange backend cluster in the first Child Domain with Outlook (backend) AND OWA which is currently hosted on FE Servers.

    What I believe I Know so far.

    Backend Cluster

    I need to edit the recipient policy to allow support for their domain.
    I need to run Exchange Domain Prep on new Child Domain
    Setup a trust between Child Domains? No clue beyond this.

    FE Server - proxied through ISA 2006, need to allow mail delivery for the new domain in ISA but not sure if it will require a seperate front end server since exchange can only host 1 SMPT on FE?

    I am about lost with this and would appreciate any help!

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    Re: Access Exchange 2003 from Child Domain

    1. If you are going to create new users for the new company in a domain that exists in your forest ("seperate Child Domain below common root") - you don't need to create trust between them.
    2. You will have to run the setup /domainprep in this domain.
    3. Beyond the recipient policy changes, you will need to ask your ISP to add to the existing MX record the new email domain (MX record) for the new company.
    4. About ISA / FE: I don't think that you need both of them - use only FE or ISA to publish.
    If you want to use ISA & FE - you don't need a seperate front end server, the new users will be able to use the current FE.
    CNE 5, CCA, MCSE NT4.0-2003, MCSE 2003 messaging, Exchange Server MVP.
    Tzahi Kolber - IT Supervisor
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      Re: Access Exchange 2003 from Child Domain

      Thanks for the very helpful information.

      I am still confused about the FE server. Currently it is a member of the other child domain and the realm is set accordingly. Also it is currently published through ISA with a certificate.

      Would they still be able to use the same FE server even though it is in the other child domain?

      Also I think they will need their own certificate since the current verisign certificate is

      Is this correct.

      Your insight is greatly appreciated.