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Odd Exchange/Outlook issue

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  • Odd Exchange/Outlook issue

    I am running a mixed 5.5/2003 environment. I have some clients connected via a WAN link (3 Mbit). A few of the Outlook clients cannot connect to the Exchange 2003 server. But if I move their mailbox back to the 5.5 server, they can get in fine (after changing the MAPI profile to point to the other server). This occurs with straight RPC connections, as well as RPC over HTTP. These same clients can use OWA (my OWA and RPC over HTTP servers are the same box). Deleting and recreating the profile does not help.

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    Re: Odd Exchange/Outlook issue

    The first thing I would look at is name resolution.
    With many of the sites using older versions of Exchange I often find that hosts files were used. Do you know if this is the case here?

    Although I would find it odd that it doesn't work also with RPC over HTTPS, particularly if the users can use OWA. Does OWA stay on E2003 or does it attempt to redirect back to E5.5 server?

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      Re: Odd Exchange/Outlook issue

      Updating the HOSTS file was the first thing I tried (I have a number of VPN users that I had to do that on). But that didn't do anything, and name resolution works without it (I can still ping by name from the affected workstation). OWA is exclusive to the 2003 users; nobody on 5.5 can get to it.


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        Re: Odd Exchange/Outlook issue

        I was lucky enough to get one of the affected user's systems here for some testing...

        - If I log on to the user's system as an administrator, I can open their mailbox when it's sitting on the 2003 server

        - If I log on to another system as an administrator, I can open the mailbox

        - If I log onto another system as the affected user, I cannot open the mailbox

        After the first one above, I tried deleting the user's local profile on their system and recreating it. No good.

        So it appears something in AD is out of whack. Any suggestions?


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          Re: Odd Exchange/Outlook issue


          Still having the issue above...