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  • Out of office "stuck" on

    Hey guys.

    Here is a megga brain-twister for everyone. There is someone in my company who has an Out of office reply that has been "stuck" on since last Christmas.
    • According to Outlook her out of office is off.
    • She has no rules
    • If we turn on her out of office with a new message, it is ignored and the old one is still used
    • I cant find any local Outlook running with local rules turned on

    Any idea??? I am so stumped on this one. I installed a program called Outlookspy that lets you manually manipulate some of the low-level data in a mailbox, but I can't find where rules are stored in it.

    By the way we are running Exchange 2003 sp2 in conjunction with Outlook 2007. We use SMTP only.

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    Re: Out of office "stuck" on

    This is just a suggestion but first try to turn off the Out of Office Assistant through OWA. If that doesn't work then start outlook fromthe run command like this:

    outlook.exe /cleanrules


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      Re: Out of office "stuck" on

      Hey just to keep this updated I tried the /cleanrules and no luck

      Also the OWA out of office was off.


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        Re: Out of office "stuck" on

        Here is a potentially boggling clue:

        Emails sent to the mailbox from inside the Exchange organization will only receive the accurate out of office rule, and never get the old one from last Christmas that is stuck on.

        Emails sent from outside the organization, however, will get the old out of office from last christmas and never anything else, even if the out of office is turned on with a new message.


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          Re: Out of office "stuck" on

          look at the users rule set and verify that the user hasnt created an autoreply as a rule.

          i see this issue more and more frequently, and 9 outta 10 times, its a double rule... and the bit about the domain users recieving the auto-reply just furthers that belief.

          check the rules from OWA and the Outlook client. if the user has changed desks or something, make sure that last desk is checked.
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