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  • Anti Virus and Anti Spam Solutions For Exchange

    I have Exchange Server 2003 I want to Implement antivirus software on Mail box any one can advice me which is the best software for this

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    Re: AntVisrusand spam in Exchange

    No. You need to do proper research of the available products using your business requirements as a driver. This forum cannot be held responsible for deciding your corporate email anti-virus solution based on a one-line question, nor should they.

    For my own and your protection, I do not provide support by private message under any circumstances. All such messages will be deleted and ignored.

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      Re: AntVisrusand spam in Exchange

      There is no such thing as "best" for antispam. Every site has different options and receives different types of email. I have sites where something like GFI Mail Essentials works very well, others where it is useless, either because it doesn't catch enough or catches too much legitimate email.

      You will need to evaluate different products to see what works for you.

      For antivirus, I tend to suggest that you use something different on Exchange than is used on the clients. So if your client AV is Symantec, then you would not use Symantec's email AV software for Exchange.
      I have good success with GFI Mail Security, but again you need to evaluate the different products to see what is available.

      Also don't forget to look at outsourced solutions, who can provide both AV and antispam.

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