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Error installing Exchange 2003 into a 5.5 organization

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  • Error installing Exchange 2003 into a 5.5 organization

    --I am using the MS exchange server deployment tools wizard to assist in the introduction of a new Exchange 2003 Server.
    I have gone through all the steps and am trying now to install the Exchange 2003 Server, but get the following error while selecting a server in the Exchange 5.5 organization, "setup encountered an error while attempting to bind to the exchange server "Earth":0XC1010A91 (2705): an unknown error has occurred."
    --My X5.5 server is on a DC. I have already moved ldap to port 390 and have successfully tested that via the Dsscopescan tool.
    --I have tried installation as the Site Service Acount for E5.5, and the domain admin account-same results.
    --I posted another problem in another forum regarding an erroring while trying to install my 1st E2k3 server into my existing E5.5 organization. The problem had to do with a bind error connecting to the E5.5 server. I just checked my E5.5 server and "low and behold" it is no longer listening on port 390! It is setup to listen on that port and it was listening there as mentioned below, but, I guess it took a coffee break or something. I will have to restart my E5.5 services to see if it's listening correctly on 390 and then try my E2k3 install again.
    --Here is the exact message I get while running ldp.exe from my Win 2k3 box: " ld = cldap_open("earth", 390);
    Established connection to earth.
    Retrieving base DSA information...
    Server error: <empty>
    Error<82>: ldap_parse_result failed: Local Error
    Getting 0 entries:"

    --Services restarted but no luck.
    --Restarted the services-still not binding or listening on port 390.
    --Restarted the Server-ditto the above.
    --Tried a different port-ditto again.
    --Maybe I should try to demote the server to a member server??? is that a big deal to do or pretty simple?

    I could really use some help, it seems like i've been abandoned by the microsoft public forum.

    Frustrated in Raleigh, NC