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Users not showing up in GAL

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  • Users not showing up in GAL

    I am setting up a brand new Active Directory infrastructure running on Server 2003 x64 bit edition and a brand new Exchange 2003 server running on Server 2003 standard.

    I have been able to add the AD users to exchange and have the mailboxes created in the mailbox store.

    I am unable to have any of these users appear in the GAL or anywhere under the Recipients tab. I have ensured that the GAL has the correct filter rules. The RUS are up and running and have been re-built. All of my users do not have the "Hide for Exchange address lists" checked.

    I can use whatever help people can give.

    Thank you!!!

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    Re: Users not showing up in GAL

    what are the permissions for the GAL?
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      Re: Users not showing up in GAL

      1. Are you using cache mode?
      2. Can you see the users from OWA?
      3. Did you try to update the RUS?
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