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    Hi - I am very new to this, so please excuse my ignorance. I consult for a client that is using POP3 for email. I am attempting to set up configure Exchange Small Business Server 2003 to work with POP3 using the POP3 connector.

    In my testing I have been able to successfully set up Exchange, and have a client Outlook point to the Exchange server and successfully send/receive email.

    I went to test webmail, and upon loggin in my inbox is empty although I have main in my inbox on my client. I did not see any settings on the client exchange PC that tells it to download mail from the server.


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    Re: OWA Empty

    If I correctly understand you, it is normal what is happening.
    Your Outlook POP3 client is downloading messages from you mailbox without leaving a copy on the server, so no way to see any message in OWA.
    Even if you can configure pop3 to keep a copy of emails on the server, I suggest you to use Outlook MAPI or at least IMAP4 protocol witch can do much more than the old "grand father" POP3.
    Here is a quick review of different email protocols
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      Re: OWA Empty

      And to add on Netxt's words - why use POP3 on Exchange? Don't you have better things to waste your money on? Bying Exchange then using is as a POP3 server seems like a stupid thing to do when you've got a free POP3 server built in Windows 2003...

      Daniel Petri
      Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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        Re: OWA Empty

        Netxt & Danielp,
        Thanks for responding to my thread. I have more questions than answers based upon your comments.

        1. The Outlook POP3 client is pointing to the Exchange server, not the directly to the ISP hosting the POP3 mail. Whenever you have an Exchange account set up within the Outlook client, there are no settings for whether or not you want it to keep the mail on the server or not.

        2. I am not familiar with MAPI or IMAP4. Will this work with their current ISP hosting their mail?

        1. I'm not 100% sure I understand what you are telling me here. We don't host our own mail, so I'm not sure how using our own POP3 Server helps me here. Also, if I used my own POP3 server, would users be able to share an address book? Another reason I considered using Exchange was that if all mail was kept on the server it would be backed up.


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          Re: OWA Empty

          I will contribute here.

          There seems to be a number of references to POP3 here, which could be confusing matters.

          The bottom line is that Exchange is not designed to use POP3 anywhere.

          Not with POP3 accounts at an ISP
          Not with POP3 clients collecting email from the server.

          MAPI - which is the Exchange Server connection type in Outlook is how Exchange is designed to work with Outlook. Unless you have setup Outlook to deliver email to a personal folder (PST file) then the email will stay on the server - allowing you to use OWA or any other Outlook clients.
          That also allows you to use the GAL, shared folders and address books, public folders etc.
          If you are using POP3 to collect email from Exchange in Outlook then you are basically wasting a lot of money and not using any of the features of Exchange.

          The POP3 connector on an SBS Server is designed to assist with the move to SMTP delivery, which is how Exchange is designed to work. This is where MX records for your domain are pointed at your own static IP address. The ISP's servers have nothing to do with the delivery of email.

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            Re: OWA Empty

            I realize my configuration is not ideal, but believe it or not I got it working. The post by Sembee stated: "Unless you have setup Outlook to deliver email to a personal folder (PST file)", and this was the problem.

            The problem is that I'm not currently hosting my own mail server and it's being handled at the ISP.

            Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


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              Re: OWA Empty

              So if you're not hosting your own server, what the hell does your post have to do with Exchange?

              Sorry, I simply can't understand.

              Daniel Petri
              Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services
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