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  • OWA Problem

    OWA Problem

    Dear all,

    we all know that if i want to access a user's mailbos using OWA, i just need to type "http://Server_name/exchange/User_name" in the browser, it will prompt me for the username & password and open the mailbox.

    now the problem is that this method is not working with all users, some users when i tried to open their mailbox with this method, it just give me
    "page can't be dispalyed" and even didn't prompt me about username & password, and some users it prompt me about username & password and when i enter the right username & password, it give me also "page can't be displayed".

    if i type only "http"//server_name/exchange",it works normally, it prompt me for a user & password and when i type it right it open the mailbox.

    and soms users is working normally, if you type
    "http://Server_name/exchange/User_name", it prompt for a username & password and open the mail box.

    the problem is that i have a user need to access multible mailboxes using OWA.

    so , what do you think about that ??????

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    Re: OWA Problem

    Does the user have the correct permissions for the other mailboxes?

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      Re: OWA Problem

      no, the user don't have permission for other mailboxes, but why he need a permssion.?? if he login with his account and type in the browser "http://Server_name/exchange", it will automatically open his OWA Mailbox, and if he typed "http://server_name/exchange/Otheu_User_name", it should prompt him for a username & password, if he provide the correct username & Password, he will login.

      so why he need to have a permission??

      anyway, the user don't have a permission to the other mailboxes


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        Re: OWA Problem

        about the "Other Mailbox permissions" issue, i already tried now to give the user a "Full MailBox Right" permission to other mailbox, and tried to type "http"//server_name/exchange/other_user_name", and it also give me "page can't be displayed",

        even if i login for example with "user1" and i typed "http//server_name/exchange/User1", it also give me "page can't be displayed".

        by the way, not all mailboxes i try to open give me this error, i try to open some other mailboxes by typing "http"//server_name/exchaneg/other_user_name", it prompt me for a username & password and allow me to login if i provide the right username & password.

        so what do you see??


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          Re: OWA Problem

          Have you verified that OWA is enabled for the affected user on the Exchange Features tab of the user account properties?


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            Re: OWA Problem

            Yes, i verified that it's enabled for all users & i disable it and anable again also. but the problem still exist.


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              Re: OWA Problem

              HI Mr.Fox2000

              What Exchange topology are using e.g. Front end/back end load balanced front end single back end?

              And is it the same problem for the same users every time or does the error come and go?




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                Re: OWA Problem

                it's just one exchange Server, and this problem is permenant