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Limited email recipients in New Emails

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  • Limited email recipients in New Emails

    Hi, i have an Exchange 2003 in Win2k03 Server, and my clients are running Office 2003.

    Is it possible to limit the amount of recipients when a user writes a new mail? For example, that a certain user can only send an email to 7 email adresses's?

    The thing is that i have some users that like to send emails with copy to half the organization... and thus incrementing the bandwidth and load on my server.

    Any way to prevent/limit this?


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    Re: Limited email recipients in New Emails

    You can not do that but there are 2 other options (that I don't know if they will help you):
    1. Limit those users to send only to specific users / groups only (user properties - Exchange general - delivery restrictions).
    2. Set permissions on a large DL only to specific users.

    Else - there is no option to limit the users from sending email to a large amount of recipients

    * The next article is relevant to all users (not this case...):
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