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Error 4.4.3 puzzle

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  • Error 4.4.3 puzzle

    I took over an account today with SBS 2003. I rebooted the server at one point and many of the users started getting NDRs that read

    Could not deliver the message in the time limit specified. Please retry or contact your administrator. <marcronan #4.4.3.

    What was really puzzling is these were NDRs for e-mails that were sent June 21 and early July. There were a variety of dates the original e-mails were sent, but all were many weeks ago and all were 4.4.3 errors.

    What concerned the customer was why they were getting the notices now, alsmost two months later. They had thought all along these e-mails had gone out and becuase they didn't, there might be consequences.

    About all I could do was check the event and system logs and there were no serious or major issues around those dates. Also, there did not appear to be any problems with e-mails going out. Would anyone know how or why these NDRs became so delayed?

    I am not using ISA and I do not have any firewall issues or any of the types of firewalls mentioned in the KB articles.

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    Re: Error 4.4.3 puzzle

    It is either the greylisting bug or antivirus software hanging on to the messages.

    You should confirm that AV software is configured correctly. Any desktop AV software should be configured to exclude the Exchange directories.

    If message tracking is enabled and goes back that far then you can see if AV software did stop the message - the last line will refer to the categorizer.

    For the greylisting bug, copy and paste teh below in to notepad and save as greylisting.reg. Then apply to the registry and restart the SMTP virtual server.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\SMTPSVC\Queuing]

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      Re: Error 4.4.3 puzzle

      Thanks for the feedback. The AV was OK so I did the reg patch. At least I had *something* I could go back to them with.
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