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    I searched the forum but could not find anything that seemed to address this particular issue.

    We previously had a user that had access to several mailboxes and calendars. She was an Executive assistant, and managed some the schedules of several top Execs in the company. We've removed her rights to those mailboxes and calendars and all references between her account and the particular Exec accounts.

    The problem is that whenver anyone sends one of these Execs a meeting request, the sender recieves a delivery error saying that the former assisant's mailbox does not exist.

    So, [email protected] sends a meeting request to [email protected] and I get an delivery error saying that [email protected] does not exist.

    I've checked all of the permissions on the old account, as well as the SMTP and X400 settings for the distro that's been set up to emulate her old account, but I cannot find anything connecting her to the Executive mailboxes and calendars.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Ghost Account Settings

    That will be a delegate somewhere.
    It could also be an orphaned delegate in the domain.
    Therefore you need to look in Outlook for the delegates first, remove them as required.
    If that doesn't stop it, then the delegate settings have got stale.
    Remove all the delegates and then restart Outlook. Add a new delegate who hasn't been added to the account before - the last point is very import. Restart Outlook again. Then remove that delegate and add the required delegates back. That resets the delegate system, forcing it to flush out.

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