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  • Multiple mailboxes for single user

    I hope I'm not beating a dead horse here. I need to try send/receive email for two domains on a single server - there are numerous tutorials out there - I will be trying to have one user with multiple accounts.

    Scenario: let's say I have a user named "Joe." Joe belongs to, and has a mailbox called "Joe" in Exchange, with default address [email protected]. We've now started a sister company, called That company doesn't have a server, it's just got a website and the domain is registered. I need Joe to be able to send/recieve email on the domains [email protected] and [email protected] through our single Exchange server, which is currently configured for - this is a very common situation which will be taken care of in some of the many tutorials.

    My question is - I want to create another mailbox - do I have to create a second account, call it Joe(456) in the AD of domain for the user? That will create another mailbox named Joe(456), and I can then have Joe open both mailboxes, and send/receive on them. However, I am wondering if it is possible to create an additional mailbox without creating Joe(456) in the AD of Is this possible?

    The reason I want to do this is if I can create a second mailbox (as opposed to just changing the recipient policy), then the user wouldn't have to manually select the "From" field - some of my users won't like to do that, or will continually forget, and confuse people they are emailing. I would prefer to create a second mailbox without having to add a bogus user in AD just to get the mailbox created. Maybe I'm just being too picky though.

    Thanks in advance for any help given

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    Re: Multiple mailboxes for single user

    From my understanding, that is one of the downsides of Active Directory. Do to multiple domains, and limited personnel, we have multiple users that have multiple mailboxes. In order to a mailbox in Exchange 2003 and later with AD, you need a separate user assigned to each mailbox. Then you also have to give the primary user account rights to access each of their secondary mailboxes and give advanced rights for send as.

    We have gone to having separate outlook profiles for each user so that they don't inadvertently send with the wrong account. However, I've been noticing that if you send from another mailbox, that it does tend to send using the proper user, but just started testing with that. After we've done the initial login on that secondary mailbox, we disable the account and make sure the proper 'SELF' rights are setup.

    If you want him to be able to watch them from one account, then have copies sent to the primary, but this allows for them to too easily reply with the wrong account. Alternatively have him open outlook and OWA, one for each account. You can log into the secondary account in OWA using {email_address} after /exchange/ assuming you have not modified your OWA. I believe this is going to change in 2007 which causes further problems.

    We have just come to accept that AD has some benefits, but this is one of the
    downsides. Sorry I don't have happier news to report on that front for you.


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      Re: Multiple mailboxes for single user

      Well, I've gotten somewhere - thanks for the input.

      Right now, I'm opening two mailboxes - one is named, say, Joe Shmoe, and belongs to the domain that we one - that's my primary. I created a second account in AD (of, called Joe Shmoe (456). The email is set up as [email protected] - great. I can send emails from my external Yahoo! account, and it comes in properly.

      My problem is this -

      If I reply to an email in the Joe Shmoe (456) mailbox, when it comes back to my Yahoo! account, the display name is Joe Shmoe (456). Is there any way to get it to be just Joe Shmoe? I can't create two users named Joe Shmoe in AD - it won't let me - even though the email address is different, I have to have a different user name.

      Any ideas?


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        Re: Multiple mailboxes for single user

        OK, figured it out....should have tried harder before posting

        In AD, view the user properties of Joe Shmoe (456), select the "Exchange Advanced" tab, and in the "Simple Display Name" put Joe Shmoe.

        Now when Joe Shmoe sends email from the Joe Shmoe (456) account, the recipient will only see Joe Shmoe's name in their inbox.

        I have a new problem - I can reply to emails fromt eh Joe Shmoe (456) account OK, but cannot create a new email and send it as Joe Shmoe (456)....grrr....
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