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Changing incoming mail

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  • Changing incoming mail


    I am in the process of testing out some spam packages.
    I've built a new server and installed exchange.

    If I point incoming mail ot the new server, will the routing group, route it to the older server with the mailboxes on it?

    Do I have to tell the routing group that the new server is the master?


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    Re: Changing incoming mail

    im a little confused... why would you build a new server only to have mail pushed to the old?

    what is your intention for the new eX srvr?

    Do I have to tell the routing group that the new server is the master?
    admin groups> first admin group > routing groups > first routing group > members

    here you should see your orgs exchange servers... you can set the master there.
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      Re: Changing incoming mail

      THanks for your reply and question.

      The reason is because I'm unsure of the stability of the old production server.
      This server is "live" and I don't want to mess with it.

      The new server will "Server B" will have a host a trial version of spam software, which I can test by having incoming internet email pass through.

      Once I am sure I like the software, I have to rebuild the old machine, since the OS is so jmessed up.

      Does this make sense?

      Therefore, I'm trying to determine if I have my MX pointing to Server B, will email route to Server A corectly? And do I need to make Server B the master in the routing group?



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        Re: Changing incoming mail

        Email can be delivered to any server in the Exchange org. Once Exchange has got hold of it, it will deliver it to the correct server. If the servers are on the same LAN, then a routing group is not required, simply leave them in the same default routing group.

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          Re: Changing incoming mail

          thanks for the reply!