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  • Mailbox Installation


    I am provisioning accounts and mailboxes from another domain and the AD is set up fine, but the mailboxes don't appear to instantiate until an email is sent to them. So I send an email to the accounts, but if I send that too fast to the Exchange server then the email bounces. I pause for 10 seconds and it seems to be fine on the server I am on. But when deploying this, that time is going to fluctuate I am sure.

    So the question is how can I tell when Exchange is done doing everything and is ready to receive emails to the account? All of the AD attributes are set up and look ready to go.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Mailbox instantiation

    If your waiting 10secs before sending the mail from the exchange server it should be the same when sending mail via a client.

    I would just wait untill all accounts have been prvisioned, add then all to a distribution group (Such as all users) and send a nice "Welcome to Exchange 2003" mail to the distribution group which should initialize all accounts.

    Hope this helps

    Michael Armstrong
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      Re: Mailbox instantiation


      Thank you for your quick reply. I am provisioning all of the accounts with MIIS/IIFP. My application runs the MIIS/IIFP profiles to do all of the provisioning. So by that time the accounts should all be provisioned. I have a service running on the Exchange Server that sends the email to all of the accounts that were supposed to be provisioned from the administrator.

      So is there a way through WMI or some other method to know if the emails are set to go?



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        Re: Mailbox instantiation

        When the email addresses appear in the user account and the accounts appear in the live GAL, then they are ready to work. All users should have two email addresses - an SMTP one and an X.400 one.
        Mailboxes are not created until they are required. That is by design. Exchange is a database and works like one. There is no point creating an empty mailbox.

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