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Can rpc over https work with multiple domains?

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  • Can rpc over https work with multiple domains?


    I successfully followed the instructions on the site to configure rcp over https on my SBS, using the self-signed certificate that SBS creates. Thank you for this excellent howto!

    I have a second domain running on the box and would like to configure that to use rpc over https as well. I realize that this is not very usual, but if anyone has had any success here, I would be grateful to hear your experience. Would it be necessary to create a second cert for Or to create a different cert virtual directory? I tried a couple of things, but have been unable to authenticate with the second hosted domain, only the first. Maybe this just isn't possible. Please note that I can log into owa using both domains, but the second is not presently configured to use SSL. Any comments welcome!



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    Re: Can rpc over https work with multiple domains?

    Just use the settings that you have currently for users of the other domain. Exchange doesn't care what the email address of the user is. As long as everything resolves correctly it will connect.

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      Re: Can rpc over https work with multiple domains?

      Thanks for the sanity check. Not sure what I did on the client side the first time, but now it is working like a charm.

      Much appreciated.