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Active sync problems

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  • Active sync problems

    I have just started at a company who are using Exchange server2003. I have very little exchange experience. the problem we have got is that mobile phone users are unable to sucessfully use Active sync. The error code that they get is 0x85010004.
    I have looked at the virtuual directories in IIS and can see nothing obviously wrong.
    Any ideas how I dignose what the problem is and fix it?


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    Re: ACtive sync problems

    My computer's doing something strange - what component should I replace?
    We need a little more info than you posted. For instance what version of Windows Mobile your users are using and what you (or your colleagues) have tried already. What permissions the users have etc etc etc.

    However, turned up the following as the second link. is our friend. We like .

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      Re: Active sync problems

      Very common error.
      Have you Googled the error code at all? It means forbidden and usually an indication the authentication settings are not correct.
      You should find an error in the event viewer pointing you to MS KB 817379. However the fix in 817379 I find has some flaws, so have my own version here:

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