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Modify subject line on Dist Group Global

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  • Modify subject line on Dist Group Global

    Pretty straight forward question here.

    At each of our clients we have a Distribution Group Global that is our IT Support mailing list for our at clients to send support requests to a specificed mailbox internally, as well as our email addresses at the office ( about 5-7 email addresses in the mailing list in total ).

    Using the above we want to know if their is a way to modify the subject line in the email to reflect information we add into the subject, such as "Company A Support", "Company B Support" then whatever the user has added into the subject for their email address so that we can flag and filter the messages per client and proerly dispatch resources.


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    Re: Modify subject line on Dist Group Global

    Nothing native that I can think of.
    The best I can come up with is a rule to flag the message, or maybe an event sink at your server that changes things based on the address the message is sent to (which should be the SMTP address of the list at the client).

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