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OWA Internal 500 error - 1 user!

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  • OWA Internal 500 error - 1 user!

    HI There

    I have a 2k3 std server sp2 & exchange 2k3 sp2 system just gone in and as it stands i have 1 users who cannot access OWA.

    I have gone though restoring IIS, reseting permission etc.. but most of the errors i see relate to everyone getting this error - it isnt its just one!

    The logon process is strange as well - when i do servername\exchange i get the prompt - every other user i have just done user name / password - no domain/username - password - the only way i can get this user though is by going DOMAIN.LOCAL\username - password - then i get the internal 500 error.

    I have tried resetting password but nothing happens - like i say - i have only tested a few accounts but it is just thie 1 account that is affected - i have even deleted mailbox - purged it and then recreated but nothing!!!

    One other strange thing with this user is that i have create 6 recipiant addresses and set them to filter by memebership of a folder - everyone picks up the settings fine but this users always misses the main domain.local but gets his external address and x400 address - if i remove him from the email group for his company the local comes back - this again only happens on this 1 users??!

    1 last thing - this is the ONLY exchange server in the organsation and there is only one domain

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: OWA Internal 500 error - 1 user!

    Its fixed!

    Found the event logs on the DC relating to krbtgt - turns out this user only had permissions to logon to his own pc!!!!