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Exchange Consolidation Planning Questions - Expert Opinion Needed

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  • Exchange Consolidation Planning Questions - Expert Opinion Needed

    My current Exchange enviroment is:
    All mail comes in and out of office A.
    Barracuda Spam firewall in DMZ.
    Exchange 2003 SP2 Standard in office A. All offie A users on it.
    Office A exchange sends office B mail to Exchange 2003 SP2 Standard in office B across VPN link. All outgoing gets routed back to office A and leaves from there.
    OWA is setup on each for their respective offices.
    The servers that exchange is on in both offices does other tasks as well.

    We are doing some growing and have some money to get Exchange better aligned for this growth and future growth. We are also going to consolidate servers to a colo facility. Going to centralize Exchange in the colo.

    My plan:
    Move exchange to its own boxes and build in fault tolerance.
    Use my two 2003 standard licenses on a couple of boxes setup as front end servers in the dmz. Set them up with NLB. Also configure RPC/HTTPS. Purchase an Enterprise license for a backend server. Enterprise so I can have higher limits on db size, have more db's, storage groups, etc.

    Also thinking that I might want to cluster the backend. I need a SAN for this though right or will a NAS do? Thoughts?

    With a single backend, I am planning for a box with a Raid 1 and a Raid 5. The DB's would be on 5 and it would be a sizable Raid in capacity. But if I do a cluster and move the DB's to a SAN/NAS, I don't need a beefy backend server in terms of storage right? I could just run a single Raid 5 on it and not need a large amount of capacitiy. Right?

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    Re: Exchange Consolidation Planning Questions - Expert Opinion Needed

    Why do you want to put OWA servers in the DMZ?
    Do you think that will improve the security of your network? If you do then you are wrong. It does not. It actually reduces the security of the network.

    You cannot purchase Exchange 2003 licenses any longer, it will be Exchange 2007. If you are going to buy Exchange 2007 licenses then you might want to consider buying standard licenses only and that will give you unlimited storage.
    Although if you want to cluster then you will need Enterprise licenses - two of for the cluster.

    A NAS is not fast enough. You need clustering storage for a cluster.

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