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    Could anyone please explain this to me. How do you configure a bridgehead server is it just another exchange server in the same Org or do you have to do something to it to make it a bridgehead server. The reason is I want to build 2 mailbox servers (BE), then 2 SMTP servers (bridgehead I believe with a SMTP Connector to the Internet) to alleviate the work on the mailbox servers and finally 2 load balanced OWA servers. Is this valid workable configuration and should I be using bridgehead servers or just servers running IIS as an smtp gateway.
    Finally the OWA servers will be in the DMZ do the SMTP servers need to be there as well?
    Sorry for the long question just not clear in my mind yet.

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    Re: Bridgehead Server

    You are planning to put OWA servers in the DMZ?
    Why? Do you think that makes the deployment more secure? If you do, then you need to think again, because it does not. It actually reduces your security. Domain members should not be in the DMZ. If the machine is a member of your domain, then it should stay inside the firewall.

    Bridgehead servers are the servers that send email to the next non Exchange SMTP server. This could be a smart host or just using DNS to deliver directly to the recipients SMTP server as listed in the MX records. Therefore you would configure the bridgeheads in the SMTP connector to be the servers that you want to send email outside of the Exchange org. No settings are required on the other servers, they will use the bridgehead servers automatically.

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