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Can I rename the Webmail folder?

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  • Can I rename the Webmail folder?

    Our internal users go to (that's our internal domain name ) to access webmail.

    I want to change the SDW to say "Mailstore". I know it's setup in IIS, but I can't find a way to rename it. Is this possible?

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    Re: Can I rename the Webmail folder?

    You just need to create new virtual directory in the ESM - Server - protocols - http (that is similar to the /Exchange or the /SDW directory) and check that it works.
    After this step you can delete the "SDW" virtual directory.
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      Re: Can I rename the Webmail folder?

      SDW isn't a standard name anyway, so someone must have renamed it.
      However renaming it is not something I would suggest, particularly if you are going to start using Windows Mobile devices or OMA.
      The default name should be /exchange

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