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Event ID 1801. Any advice?

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  • Event ID 1801. Any advice?


    I have OMA and OWA working on my exchange server fine for the last month

    perfectly - only problem being that my exchange server had a public IP and no

    real firewall.

    I have since installed a new router with an inbuilt firewall and used port

    forwarding to forward ports 25,80 and 443 to the exchange server. Everything

    worts fine except OMA which I recieve the following error on a mobile device

    or on the exchange servers browser.


    Unable to connect to your mailbox on server SERVER3. Please try again later.

    If the problem persists contact your administrator."

    Also application viewer logs MSExchangeOMA event ID 1801

    Unable to connect to the Microsoft(R) Exchange server SERVER3. To fix this

    problem, verify that there is network connectivity between this server and

    the Exchange server. Also, verify that the Exchange server that this server

    is attempting to connect to is functioning properly.

    I have tried deleting and readding the virtual directory and registy

    string(;en-us;817379) that I

    had setup before my exchange server had a private IP address but I still get

    the same error.

    I have also tried different things including changing the default web site

    IP address settings in IIS to All Unassigned but no joy.

    Any help would be appreciated


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    Re: Event ID 1801. Any advice?

    Does OMA work correctly internally?

    817379 has some problems I find, particularly if you are already using forms based authentication.

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