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Trying to configure "send as..."

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  • Trying to configure "send as..."


    I've been trying to configure the option "send as" for some user to send on behalf of another user's mailbox. I just add the user in the security tab in AD and then, give the permissions to this user. Everything works fine until i come back the next day and the permissions reset themselve. Everything i cofnigured the day before is gone. I tested this on 2 different domains, one is running on SBS2003 and other one is running on 2003 Server STD. I tought that was caused by some GPO under SBS2003 but i guess i was wrong. Anyone has any idea ?



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    Re: Trying to configure "send as..."

    1. Check if there is kind of application that can cause this issue, also - ask the users / other admins for this change...
    2. Anyway, follow the next link and verify that you have configured right:
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      Re: Trying to configure "send as..."

      Is either user a member of domain admins or power users on the domain?
      If they are then this is the expected behaviour. Microsoft changed the way Exchange works in an update last year which stops a privileged account being able to be set to send as.

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        Re: Trying to configure "send as..."

        Thanks for the link, that's the steps i took to grant the users the send as permission.

        Basically, i created an "info" mailbox and gave a user the right to manage this mailbox. This user also wanted to forward emails through this account, so i had to give the send as permission to the user. The user is a domain user and the user "info" is a domain user as well. So, both users are members of the domain users groupe.