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What DomainName to use setting up RPC over HTTP

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  • What DomainName to use setting up RPC over HTTP

    Hello all, I am new to this, so please excuse me if I have not posted correctly, ie, (posting to this thread vs starting a new one for my question)

    I had a question that I know you could definitely help me with.
    Can I setup RPC over HTTP using a my internal Active Directory domain name, ie,,(not registered) with my external domain is Or, would I need to register for it to work?
    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you



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    Re: RPC over http doesnt work

    just point the external to the NAT for the mail traffic. foward 443 and 80...

    create a cert, apply it and try to connect.

    worst case, export the certs and import them on the laptop, and then check.

    also, since your internal and external differ, you will have to set a line in the outlook setup...

    msstd: (if the external domain is

    you can verify by browsing to your OWA, then examine the padlock to determine what is typed on that line...

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      Re: What DomainName to use setting up RPC over HTTP

      Always, repeat ALWAYS start a new thread for your own problem. Thanks.
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