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Trouble with RPC / HTTP

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  • Trouble with RPC / HTTP

    I am having trouble getting RPC / HTTPS to work. I am new to Server / Exchange Administration so I don't really know what I am doing. My configuration is as follows:

    Windows SBS 2003 Server with Exchange Server 2003.
    Windows XP Pro SP2 with Outlook 2007
    Sonicwall TZ170 Firewall.

    Domain Names:

    ocbssbws.ocbs.local (internal server name I think) (used to access mail via pop3) (used to access company Sharepoint website and OWA)

    I have purchased and installed a rapidssl trial certificate in the name of I believe that I have installed it correctly but am not sure.

    I claim to have followed the instructions at the following link:

    I used Harry Bates Registry utility to make the registry changes but it still doesn't work. I am sure that I have made an error somewhere but I can't find it. I am confused as to what server name goes where in the server configuration and the Outlook client configuration. I have tried every combination that I can think of but nothing seems to work.

    I am not computer illiterate but will freely admit I am in over my head. If there is anybody out there with patience that would like to help I certainly would appreciate it.


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    Re: Trouble with RPC / HTTP

    As this is SBS you should not be setting things manually. The wizards should do everything for you. Re-run the Internet and Email wizard which should set everything for you correctly.

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      Re: Trouble with RPC / HTTP

      I appreciate your help but I don't see a wizard that says it configures RPC / HTTP?

      The Configure Remote Access talks about VPN not RPC / HTTP. Please tell me which wizard to run to make RPC / HTTP work.



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        Re: Trouble with RPC / HTTP

        with SBS you re run the internet configuration wizard (SBS you should always run the wizards otherwise you can break other things)

        To configure RPC oVer HTTP
        To do list > Connect to Internet >
        do not change connection type
        web services > Ensure that outlook over internet is enabled
        do not change certificate
        let the wizard finish

        then see how that goes also you should make sure SP2 for Exchange is installed too

        on a side note why did you purchase a certificate and now use the one that is created by the SBS install its self ?


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          Re: Trouble with RPC / HTTP

          Because every article I read on configuring RPC /HTTP said that you need to get a real certificate not the self created one.