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Win2003 server POP3 service - how efficient it is?

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  • Win2003 server POP3 service - how efficient it is?

    A small company (less than 10 workers…) runs windows 2003 server standard edition machine (it is not a brand computer, but it is a fairly good one. It runs with 2 GB of RAM, E6600 Intel CPU and 2 hard disks – all in all, a decent machine).

    Currently, they only exchange e-mail messages through a single company account created at ISP. They do not exchange e-mail inside the office.

    The latest request was to establish internal e-mail system with the possibility to relay e-mail messages to and from the internet.
    MS Exchange will do the job all right but the real question is: do they really need something like MS Exchange for just a few people? Besides, the total cost for the service is crucial.

    I know that Windows Server 2003 offers POP3 service, but I never worked with it, and I do not know its real capabilities.
    From what I have found on Microsoft TechNet I understood it can be used as a solution.

    I would appreciate it if anyone experienced in Windows 2003 server POP3 service could provide some feedback (Pros&Cons) regarding the issue.


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    Re: Win2003 server POP3 service - how efficient it is?

    I can justify Exchange at three people, so ten is not a problem.
    You need to look at Small Business Server. You are the target market for that.
    The Windows 2003 POP3 service is ok, but offers no colloboration features, no central backups, no central GAL, no web access etc.

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      Re: Win2003 server POP3 service - how efficient it is?

      Well, Simon, thanks for the answer.

      Yes, I know about SBS but I was trying to find a solution that does not involve SBS.
      Nevertheless, though I am a bit reluctant towards SBS, it seems to be the best solution for the current situation
      (unfortunately for me – I just don't like it… ) and I will have to consider it as such.
      It is a lot cheaper than Standard edition and besides that, it provides Exchange server as well.