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Mail store Size in Exchange 2003

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  • Mail store Size in Exchange 2003

    Dear All,

    I have one mail store size of 136GB and i am reaching less free space on this drive when i am trying to move some mail boxes to another drive ..moving is sucessful but after moving mail boxes my drive free space is not increasing,so how do i handle this scenario to make more free space on this drive.

    requesting all seniors help me to solve this issue.


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    Re: Mail store Size in Exchange 2003

    To reduce the size of the Database you should do an offline defrag


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      Re: Mail store Size in Exchange 2003

      Check the 1221 event in the application log and see how much space you would be able to clean if you will run offline defrag.
      also check events 700-701 and verify that the online defrag finish on time (default between 1-5 am).
      Because you have Exchange 2003 Ent. it would be better to split this DB into 4 DBs and move some mailboxes to the other mailbox stores.
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        Re: Mail store Size in Exchange 2003

        Exchange databases do not shrink on their own.
        If you move data out of the database then an online defrag will run during the night and mark that space as white or free space. Look for event ID 1221 in the event logs to see how much space you are going to gain.
        That white space is then used first, before the physical size of the database is increased.

        If you want to decrease the physical size of the database then you need to carry out an offline defrag. However to do an offline defrag you need to have 1.5x the size of the database in continuous drive space, so if your store is 100gb you would need 150gb in space.
        Furthermore the process works at between 1 and 4gb per hour, and while it is down you cannot use Exchange. You also cannot interrupt the process, so you would need to work on copies of the database rather than the real ones and then swap the files round.
        On a database of that size I would struggle to justify the downtime of the Exchange server.

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