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Moving mailbox from exchange 2000 to exchange 2003 in different administrative group

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  • Moving mailbox from exchange 2000 to exchange 2003 in different administrative group

    Hi All,

    Today, I had got access to exchange servers as administrator pwd is controlled by manager. Since I joined this company last week and got a chance to learn their exchange structure today.

    Our AD is win 2000 and most of the exchange servers are exchnage 2000 SP3 and above and one server is Windows 2003 SP2 & exchange 2003 SP2 and some countries have EXchange 5.5. Both AD and Exchange run in MIX mode.

    We have one Exchange Organization ( *[email protected]) but we have so many Exchange Administrative Groups and connected via routing connector. There are different domain in different branches in different countries. Let say in Singapore, they will use domain name like but smpt name is

    Today , I tried to move a test user mailbox (exchange 2000 SP4) from a branch office to Exchange 2k3 enterprise server using Move Mailbox Wizard from Exchange 2k3. Both servers are in different domain.
    Actually It should be OK. But it show error

    Your organization has at least on Active Directory Connector that is not Exchange 2003 SP1 or later. Cross administrative groups moves will be blocked until all Active Directory Connectors have been upgraded to Exchange 2003 SP1 or later.

    I checked ADC connector on this server(exchange 2003) but they haven't installed yet. I can't check ADC on source server(exchange 2000) as they control to access.
    I would to ask some question who had done this process or experience.

    1. After ADC installation, Do i have to reboot server.
    2. Is there any other ways than installing ADC. ( I found a link say I have to install hotfix on Exchange SP1, but my server is SP2)
    3. where do i need to install ADC on source domain & exchange OR destination domain and exchange.


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    Re: Moving mailbox from exchange 2000 to exchange 2003 in different administrative gr

    This has nothing to do with the ADC on your server. Somewhere in the Exchange org there is an ADC connector that is older version. It will be used to provide access to the Exchange 5.5 servers. That ADC needs to be updated. Someone higher than you needs to ask everyone else who is managing Exchange 5.5 servers to ensure that their ADC is updated to at least the one supplied with Exchange 2003 SP1, preferably the one supplied with Exchange 2003 SP2. Installing the ADC yourself is pointless and will not allow you to do what you need.

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