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Exchange 2K3 - Public Folder Replication

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  • Exchange 2K3 - Public Folder Replication

    I've seen a couple of posts which are somewhat related but I just want to double-check here...

    We're replacing our existing Exchange 2K3 server with a new server, following KB822931. We' setup replication for all public folders including Free+ Busy and OAB, but I'm questioning the integrity of the newly replicated copy.

    For all folders, the # of items is identical but the size is different for most. I would expect them to match. Also, on the replication tab, they don't all show "In Sync"... Some show "local modified", others show "remote modified".

    Should I be worried? Is there anything I should do to get a more consistent (and expected) view?

    Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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    Re: Exchange 2K3 - Public Folder Replication

    1. What tools did you use in order to replicate the PF?
    2. Did you wait enough time for replication? What is the size of the total PF? if there are very big, you should wait for replication to take place.
    3. Try the next articles to troubleshoote this issue:
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      Re: Exchange 2K3 - Public Folder Replication

      Thanks for the quick response.

      We used ESM to replicate folders and that's what I am using to verify size, item counts, and synchronization status.

      It's now been about 28 hours since we made the last change and they're still showing the same as I descrived in my original post.

      I will look at the documents which you referenced.

      Thanks again


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        Re: Exchange 2K3 - Public Folder Replication

        Ignore everything for verifying the status of the replication except Item Count. That is the only one that matters. Furthermore, it is unusual to find the item count 100% identical, due to the dropping of corrupt or deleted items.

        Public and System folder replication is slow, but you should be able to see something going across. If you have updated to Exchange 2003 Sp2 then you can use Send Content Now to speed things up.
        Use message tracking on both servers to confirm the data is being sent, received and delivered in to the public folder store.

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          Re: Exchange 2K3 - Public Folder Replication

          Thanks! - I've followed your advice and have proceeded with the migration. Things are going well.

          I definitely appreciate the help!