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Force exchange mailbox data update from outlook

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  • Force exchange mailbox data update from outlook


    I'm a sys admin of a Microsoft Hosted Messaging and Collaboration 3.5 platform, and i have a lot of question regarding the Exchange-outlook data update. I'm wondering how and when outlook update Exchange mailbox datas when new data are added in outlook, like a new appointment, or new contact or an entire .pst import from an old profile (in case of a migration). As some customer migrate from an internal Exchange solution to a hosted environment, depending of the wan spreed link, some of them are experiencing performance issues with the platform. Could anyone tell me how the Outlook-Exchange update process works, and/or where i could find information regarding this?

    Thank you in advance for your help
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    Re: Force exchange mailbox data update from outlook

    The data is pushed up by Outlook when Outlook next connects. Remote users of a hosted environment will see performance issues because most people will have 256k upload at best - compared to 8mb download speed.

    You have no control over the upload or sync of the mailbox.

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