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How big is too big? <SMILE>

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  • How big is too big? <SMILE>

    I have an Exchange 2003 SP2 server hosting multiple Storage Groups. Of all the Information Stores in the SGs, it has the following IS's:
    • V -> 127 GB
    • PC -> 135 GB
    • PG -> 50 GB
    • SDW -> 30 GB
    • AC -> 10 GB
    • S -> 10GB
    All up, there's 362 GB of emails. Are we heading for trouble here?

    Server specs:
    Exchange 2003 SP2
    Windows 2003 Server Enterprise
    4x Intel Pentium 3 Xeon processor running @ 550 MHz
    3.71 GB RAM
    C -> 17 GB
    D -> 50 GB
    E -> 410 GB

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    well, i guess that depends...

    well, you have to consider the amount of time it has taken to get that large, and the amount of spam your users get.

    right now, i have 500 users and a 100 gig mail store. when i set up the exchange server here, i had to migrate from novell groupwise to exchange 2003. the city had been using groupwise for over 5 years, so there was quite a bit of existing mail.

    after the conversion and the first three months of emails, i see that i am only 50% full for my IS. that includes the three years of mail prior to me coming (that is where i set the cut off date, 3 years) and the three months of user email...

    it has been a year and i am at 60%. had i not employed a hardware based spam solution (ironport) and configured IMF and installed GFI, i would have a considerable amount more. all three solutions (collectively) reduce my email intake by at least 50%, so that helps a good deal.

    1st how long has this system been running?

    2nd what kind of policies do you have in place? are you users forced to clean out their inbox? i use GFI, so i make them use the archive feature if they have massive amounts of old emails. its much more efficent. keeps the inbox size down...

    3rd do you have any antispam installed, besides IMF? can you estimate the amount of spam your users get?
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      Re: How big is too big? &lt;SMILE&gt;

      There is only one thing you need to worry about here.




      If you had to restore that lot, how long would it take?
      I would be looking to split it off on to multiple servers, but mainly to spread the risk. Exchange can take it, as can your storage, if configured correctly.

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