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    I have two email servers, XMAIL (old) and XMAIL2 (new) both running Exchange Server V6.5 SP2. I would like to move all mailboxes from XMAIL to XMAIL2, so I have started testing using my Test mailbox.

    I moved Test from XMAIL to XMAIL2 and can connect to the mailbox using Outlook. I can send emails to internal & external recipient from Test OK. Emails to Test are also getting stuck in the queue, whether they be from internal or external senders.

    On one of my externally sent emails, I got this:
    This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

    Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, because the message was
    forwarded more than the maximum allowed times. This could indicate a mail loop.

    [email protected]
    There seems to be a routing issue, but I'm not sure how to find it. Can someone pls give me pointers as to where to look?
    +-- JDMils
    +-- Regional Systems Engineer, DotNet programmer & Jack of all trades