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Programmically set another user's MailboxRights

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  • Programmically set another user's MailboxRights


    I'm trying to set a mailbox rights using VB but I'm getting a "Member not found" error ( error # 438 ). 80020003 from Microsoft CDO for Exchange Management.

    I bind to the AD user and then successfully get the MailboxRights.
    Dim objUser As IADsUser

    I can get the MailboxRights security descriptor doing the following:
    Dim usrSD As SecurityDescriptor = objUser.MailboxRights

    I then modify the security descriptor usrSD.

    But when I try to set the mailbox rights using the MailboxRights property, I got the "Member not found" error.

    objUser.MailboxRights = usrSD

    The call above (objUser.MailboxRights = usrSD) cause the "Member not found" error.

    How do I resolve this error? Is there any other way to programmically set mailbox rights using VB?

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