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Single Site new domain & redundancy

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  • Single Site new domain & redundancy

    Hi Guys, hopeing that you can help,

    I have a single site with 50 users. 2 x win2ks DC's ISA 2004 Firewall to SDSL & Zywall Firewall to 3G & NTL.
    1 x Excahneg 2003 server that is fed from the ISA Server.
    Currently my MX Record points to the ISA server that forwards port 25 to the mail server. Everything works fine.

    I have 2 questions.

    1 I am thing of adding a higher weighted MX record pointing to the NTL ip addrsss so that if i ever loose my SDSL line mail can come through that feed, can this work, what do i need to do, considering my mail server had GW set to ISA? would under this scenario if i changed the mail server GW to Zywall FW sort this?

    2. I have a spare server identical spec to my current mail server can i make this into a standby excahneg server or even run both in paralle like active passive? i am looking a high avaiablility/redundancy

    3. currently we have the single domain we are setting up a new company and hence the domain will change to something like i need 6 of my curfrent users to be bale to send and receive via BOTH Domains. I can get the receiving to work but when jon sends mails it all goes out as even though it came in as alos when he composes a new mail how can he select to say send as

    Thanks for all your help

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    Re: Single Site new domain & redundancy

    You would have been better off asking the questions separately.

    EMail can come in to the server via any method that you like. Therefore if you have a second connection then you can use that for email as well. However it does need to have the same protection as the primary connection. It will receive email, and it will receive a lot of spam. Many people think that a second MX record only works when the primary is not available - that is not the case.

    If you want to cluster you will need Enterprise edition of both Windows and Exchange and your existing server would have to be rebuilt. For 50 users I would struggle to justify clustering.
    You could look at something like DoubleTake or NeverFail which will your primary server to the second box.

    There is nothing in Exchange that will allow you to select from two email addresses. You are either looking at a second account and the From field or a third party tool.

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      Re: Single Site new domain & redundancy

      Two domains, one account.
      My favourite for choosing which account to send as is this:

      Use Outlook 2003 or newer, both domains on the same account in Exchange.
      Set up profile as usual for one account - usually the one you use most - to work normally against Exchange.
      In the same profile, set up a second account as a POP3 against the same mailbox. (Patience and you'll see that you don't need to worry!)
      In the account Delivery Options Settings (Ctrl+Shift+S) edit the POP3 account to be "Send only" (See, I told you not to worry!)
      Now you will have an "Accounts" button on every new mail in Outlook and you can choose which one to use to send with. Any mail replied to will automatically be sent by the address on which it was received.

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