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not all messages are being received?

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  • not all messages are being received?

    Hi there,

    Since a few days we're encountering some awkward issues regarding our exchange.

    We're running a Windows 2003 SBS server with exchange.

    The clients have several aliases setup with their e-mail.

    In my case for example:

    smtp: [email protected]
    smtp: [email protected] <-- default address

    We have a pop3 collector from GFI.

    When I try to send an e-mail from an external address (hotmail for instance) and I use my default e-mail address, the e-mail never arrives. No error messages are displayed on exchange, no delivery failure message on hotmail side.

    When I send an e-mail to my not default address from hotmail, the message does arrive.
    This happens for everyone within the organization.
    The issue doesn't happen when an e-mail is being sent from gmail for instance, or an other e-mail provider.

    Is there anyone who has seen this issue before and could help me out?

    Kind regards,

    Jorge Valencia

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    Re: not all messages are being received?

    The best advice I can give to you is ditch the POP3 connector and use Exchange how it was designed - SMTP delivery. There is probably an issue with the POP3 connector. As you are using GFIs I would suggest that you call GFI support for assistance.

    Simon Butler
    Exchange MVP

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