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RPC over http doesnt work

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  • RPC over http doesnt work


    My RPC over http seems to be setup correctly but users are not able to connect outside of the LAN environment (example, at home)

    WHile the user is in the LAN environment, there is no problems.
    When at home, the user tries to access RPC over http via MS Outlook and gets the "your exchange server is unavailable" error.

    I have used the outlook /rpcdiag and found that it shows two servers (1 email, 1 DC) with the status connecting then the two lines disappears and the error "your exchange server is unavailable" occurs.

    any help is appreciated.

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    Re: RPC over http doesnt work

    Can you tell us a bit more of your config. Are you using ssl? is it a self sign? what about permission on IIS and exchange? did you enable OWA access for the user?

    Some more details please.


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      Re: RPC over http doesnt work


      yes i have ssl and it was self signed but oddly, last time rpc over http still worked despite the ssl cert being self signed. then i encountered this problem and took a cert from my cert vendor who assisted with this troubleshooting.

      OWA access is enabled for all users and i have test and no problems accessing OWA over https externally.


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        Re: RPC over http doesn't work

        This feature either works, or it doesn't.

        If you browse to (where is the name you are entering in to Outlook for RPC over HTTPS access) do you get an SSL certificate prompt? If you do then that is the problem.
        If you get a username and password prompt you can close the window as authentication will never work through a standard browser.

        Have you changed the authentication settings on that virtual directory? Ensure that you are using the same authentication settings in both Outlook and on the server. NTLM/Integrated or Basic.

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          Re: RPC over http doesnt work

          An obvious question is do you allow HTTPS traffic through your firewall to your Exchange server. If not RPC-over-HTTP clients won't connect.