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mail forwarding mysteries

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  • mail forwarding mysteries

    Hello people,
    I wonder if anybody had something similar and what was the way out? :

    1. domain:
    2. mailbox: [email protected], which redirects mail to
    3. [email protected]

    - If [email protected] sends a message to any recipient at message is received OK;
    - Any user at can send to [email protected] without problems.

    - If [email protected] sends a message to [email protected]. message never reaches, it simply disappears - no non-delivery reports, no errors, no nothing..
    Interestingly, some external users can successfully send to [email protected] and redirected messages are received by the recipient at
    - users can send anywhere, no problems..

    OK, GFI antispam with bayesian filter was in place... it was a new install, but then the problem was reported, so GFI was removed and reinstalled with Bayesian filter off.
    - * is in the white list...

    any ideas will be highly appreciated.

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    answer is available

    OK, i found where the problem was - 8BITMIME advertising in SMTP protocol. Disabled it, and all work properly again..
    Although, I am not entirely sure which MS patch cocked up my mailserver.. the latest post-SP3 made me wonder...

    Hope this would help some desperate soul, who is getting mad over the same thing..