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Really weird NDR/3001/3015

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  • Really weird NDR/3001/3015

    For a few days I recive these really weird NDR messages.

    A non-delivery report with a status code of 4.3.1 was generated for recipient rfc822;[email protected] (Message-ID <[email protected]>) .
    Causes: This message indicates that the system is out of memory error. A resource problem, such as a full disk, can cause generate the out of memory error.. Another possible cause of this error is that your Transport queue is on a FAT partition and the service has reached a Windows-imposed limit on the number of concurrent file handles opened by IIS. Instead of getting a disk full error, you might be getting an Out of memory error.

    Now, I have none of the problems above and I can't figure out why the message ID ends with @lapfinanciar03 as it should normally end in, further more I have no computer in the domain named "lapfinanciar03"..
    Virus? But why the out of memory error then?


    EDIT: I just realised that all the recipients for which the error occured are mail addresses on a blackberry server.
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