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Error initializing MAPI.

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  • Error initializing MAPI.

    Hi all,

    I tried to use the utility Exmerge( I downloaded from microsoft website ) to export data from my Exchange 55. During the exporting, I got the above message. I've checked and I even used the userid Administrator to do so but to no avail.

    Anyone has ideas how this happened?


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    Re: Error initializing MAPI.

    You might need to give us a little more information; like what OS your network is running, is it an AD Domain or an NT4 Domain or a workgroup... under what context is the "Administrator" account you used? Is it a Domain Admin, a member server Admin, an Enterprise admin...? At what stage of the Exmerge did the error message occur? Did you see any events in the System or Application Event Logs?

    As I don't know EXMerge myself, these are BASIC questions that should be answered for ALL your queries on this site. There will be more questions from the people who DO know EXMerge.

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