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set up RPC over HTTP(S) but not on port 443

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  • set up RPC over HTTP(S) but not on port 443


    How can I set up my RPC over HTTPS configuration to use a https port different than 443 ?

    I've already changed the IIS configuration, and changed to port to something else,
    but when I try to configure my Outlook configuration, I'm getting an error when trying to put in a non standard port in the RPC Proxy configuration

    My original setup was working with port 443 (and so was OWA)
    The new setup does not seem to work on another port.
    (OWA is working on that other port - e.g. 8765, and when I connect to the virtual folder, I'm getting the response I expected... so I guess everything is working fine on the server side...)
    So the component that stops me from changing the port seems to be Outlook

    Any suggestions ?
    If you need more information to further troubleshoot this, let me know

    Server : Exchange 2003 SP2
    Client : Outlook 2007


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    Re: set up RPC over HTTP(S) but not on port 443

    RPC over HTTPS doesn't work on any other port than 443.
    It is hard coded. If you try and put other port information in to the client then it is simply ignored.

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