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  • CAL for exchange server 2003

    I need help with CAL's for exchange 2003. we have exchange 2003 enterprise edition installed on Windows 2003 standard server. We have AD 2003 environment. I am told that I need to buy a Windows server CAL and Exchange server CAL for every client that connects to the windows server and exchange server. Is this true? ( all our client systems are windows XP/2000 professional)

    Secondly, I opened the license manager on my windows 2003 server( this is the domain controller...different machine from exchange server) and i see only two options..1) Windows server 2) Microsoft backoffice. I do not see an option where i can pick Windows CAL or Exchane CAL and record the number of licenses.

    I tried calling Microsoft to find out where and how I should record the CAL information and my call got routed through 5 different groups and even after that they are not able to provide me with an answer. I hung up the call as there is not help much I can get from them.

    I would really appreciate if some one can help me understand the process of entering/recording the CAL licenses for windows 2003/exchange 2003?


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    Re: CAL for exchange server 2003

    License manager in Windows 200x AD without SBS is not worth the hassle. Disable the license logging service and ignore it.
    You only need to worry about licensing tools for Terminal Services and SBS.

    Exchange is ONLY licensed per seat and is licensed on an honour system.
    Therefore if you have 40 machines which will be accessing the Exchange server then you will need 40 CALs.
    Windows is licensed per seat or per user. Most sites will license it per seat and the same CALs apply to all the servers. So if you have 40 users and 5 Windows 2003 servers then you only need 40 CALs.

    However none of the above can be taken as fact - the only people who can give you facts that you can base any decisions on are Microsoft. Get it in writing or it is useless.

    Simon Butler
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