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Configuring Exchange Server on a Network

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  • Configuring Exchange Server on a Network

    I am looking to install Exchange Server. I already have a server that is the domain controllor and has SQL Server on it. I was looking to install Exchange Server 2003 on the second server. The first server has the companies website. I would like for the employees to access the Exchange Server through that website. How will the Exchange Server link to the first server to run the email requests? Will I have to setup the companies website through the IIS on the Exchange Server also?

    Sorry I am a beginnier with networked servers and exchange server.

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    Re: Configuring Exchange Server on a Network

    If you are a beginner then I suggest that you go and play with Exchange in a test environment to begin with, or get a good Exchange consultant in to set up the server for you. If done correctly Exchange will run and run for years.

    If there is nothing on the corporate web site that needs to use the domain the first thing i would suggest is sending that out to an external host. You do not want to be encouraging anonymous visitors to a domain member. That is a security risk.

    You will not be able to access OWA through another web server unless that server is also an Exchange server. Users of OWA need direct access to the server.

    Exchange doesn't like to a web server for email, email comes in directly based on public MX records.

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