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Outlook trying to connect to exchange...

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  • Outlook trying to connect to exchange...

    For the last week, all of my users (about 200) have been getting delays when trying to open outlook, or sort, or open a folder with a lot of emails in it.

    I have three exchange 2003 servers and all of the users are separated pretty evenly across two of them.

    I have check event logs on all servers and checked disk capacity and everything seems normal. The resources on the servers are barely being used. All users have a 600Meg hard limit so there aren't any huge mailboxes.

    Where should I start to look? I know it would be pretty unlikely that both of my servers started acting up at the same time, so I am open to the theory of network congestion, but how could I check that?

    Sorry to be so vague, but I really don't know where to start pointing to.
    Thank you,


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    Re: Outlook trying to connect to exchange...

    Try the following:
    1. Check the network load / switches failuer, etc..
    2. check the NIC drivers of the servers / workstation.
    3. Remove / stop FW on the servers / workstations (even only for test).
    4. Check connectivity between Exchange & AD servers using - dcdiag, netdiag, nslookup.
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