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install exchange 2003 precautions ?

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  • install exchange 2003 precautions ?

    I have a small network ( 5 clients, 1 server). The server
    is running Windows 2003 r2 and is the active directory for the

    All the clients (Desktops & notebooks) are running XP Pro, and
    joined to the AD.

    I purchased Exchange server 2003 and intent to install it on the server.
    I am a bit concerned as I have no "Practice hardware", only live and I see
    that exchange extends the AD.

    I intent to image the partition as my safety step. That way if things go horribly wrong, I can "restore" the saved partition and all should be well and good.

    Anybody see any flaws in this safety step ?


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    Re: install exchange 2003 precautions ?

    Yes you can use imaging softwares like Acronis and Ghost but do remember that while restoring the image hardware shall be the same as the image was taken before the restore.

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      Re: install exchange 2003 precautions ?

      Its not something I tend to worry about. Exchange is a safe installation - I have never had a problem with the domain changes. The application can sometimes go in wrong, but it removes cleanly using add/remove programs.

      Remember Exchange 2003 is basically a seven year old product - it is very mature, very stable. Any issues are well known.

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