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  • Exchange Server, Hosted or Inhouse

    Our company is around 50 people and growing, we are going to impliment Exchange one way or another. Would like to know opnions on having it hosted by 3rd party, or doing by self. Have no prior Exchange background, but well versed in Networking, Microsoft OS, etc. How much time can one expect to spend per month after initial install to maintain and care for. What is the level of difficulty expected for Anti Spam, keeping off Black Lists, preventing relayin etc.


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    That's a question you might need to answer by your own. In order to set up, maintain amd troubleshoot an Exchange server you do need good working knowledge with Win2003 Server, AD, DNS, TCP/IP, Internet protocols, Firewalls and Exchange itself. However, if you get a professional to set it up for you and configure the settings, then running the production server will be more like an autopilot, that is if you do know the basics. You can hire an outside contractor based on a monthly hour bank and have him set it up for you, then come in once a week for an hour and check things for you. That's what I recommend my own customers, and in a period of a few months when you get a hang for it you might want to run it on your own.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services