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RPC over HTTPs not working

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  • RPC over HTTPs not working

    Running a single server on 2003. OWA with SSL has been setup using an internal Certificate and it works fine. I hae set up the RPC portion, but I'm not able to connect with Outlook from outside the lan. When I setup the certificate it reads: (ex: The question that I have, and where I may have gotten it wrong is this. Should I have given it the fqdn for owa? ( In the directions on this website for setting up RPC over http/s it states: "you MUST make sure that the COMMON NAME on the certificate is 100% identical to the External FQDN you've just typed!"

    Thanks for your help.


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    Re: RPC over HTTPs not working

    browse to the owa site and check the little lock box in the bottom. this will reveal the name on the cert; the same name they are refering to here...
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      Re: RPC over HTTPs not working

      The certificate is the first problem.

      It needs to be the external name and needs to be trusted.
      I do not recommend using a self generated SSL certificate as they are a pain to manage and not worth the hassle. When you can get an SSL certificate for US$20 to US$60 a year, it isn't worth the bother. Check or
      RapidSSL have a 30 day trial certificate which can be good to get used to the process. The other supplier has certificates that are trusted by Windows Mobile.

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