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Best Exchange 2003 Manual?

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  • Best Exchange 2003 Manual?

    What reference material would you recommend for a person just starting their IT career?
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    Re: Best Exchange 2003 Manual?

    I guess that TechNet articles and deployment guides that can be downloaded from MS site (try searching Google for exchange deployment guides).

    Also create a lab environment (even on Virtual PC / VMware) in order to do some hands on.
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      Re: Best Exchange 2003 Manual?

      Very difficult question to answer, as all of the books are different.
      It also depends what you want to learn and your style.

      Most of the time, anything from Microsoft Press is very good.
      For pick up to learn how to do something specific then I suggest the Exchange Server cookbook.

      Don't try to learn "on the job" as for most companies email is their most critical application. I am called to Exchange servers all the time where someone has made a tweak or a change without understanding the full consequences and has crashed the server or made it unusable in some way.
      If you don't understand what you are doing or how to reverse it, then do not do it.

      The classic one that newbies do is start changing the permissions, removing "Everyone" for example. What they don't understand is that the permissions on Exchange are tight enough - you don't need to change things further except in specific circumstances.

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