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OWA querybaseDN attribute missing

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  • OWA querybaseDN attribute missing

    I was following this guide to set a GAL for users in OWA

    but encountered a problem. The querybaseDN attribute doesn't exist - not for any user!

    Is there a way to make Exchange recreate this attribute in the AD schema? And why did it disappear?

    Any kind of help is deeply appreciated.

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    Re: OWA querybaseDN attribute missing

    yes... a domain prep will.

    more importantly, why is it not there?

    if the schema wanst extended properly, you wouldnt have continued installing exchange, cause it wouldnt let you... and if it passed you wouldnt be missing anything.

    if you can really confirm that an attribute from the schema is missing or not installed, figure out why or how...

    did you verify that the conditions are not applicable to your scenario?
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