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  • Your recommendations please

    I have been with Ms Exchange 2003 for about one year presently managing about 70 users. Everything goes smooth. Now our management looks for a mailing solution for about 750 users for a newly bought firm .

    Could you please help me in replying to the following questions and the implement the Ms Exchange as the mailing solution for the 750 users

    1. What is the type of hardware should i look for

    2. Do i need to stick with clustering for load balancing and failover

    3. What do i suggest the end user to use i.e Imap or POP3 or exchange protocol for the email client configuration

    My companies conditions are

    1. The end user should not face any slow access

    2. delivery rate should be fast enough

    3. OUtlook web access should be fast enough.

    4. Investment is not a concern

    Awating for your valuable feedback.

    Thank you

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    Re: Your recommendations please

    Where do I send my fee?

    Many of those questions should be answered after a session with a good Exchange consultant as some of them are business related.
    You also need to consider your own skill set. Clustering Exchange may seem appealing, but it adds additional complexity to the management of the server and if done wrong will cause more grief. I know one consultant who makes very good money fixing Exchange Clusters that were poorly deployed.

    The key questions you have to answer as a business include

    - how long can you be without email
    Note that for many companies the answer is very rarely never. Most companies can be without email for a couple of hours at least.
    - do you need access to old email quickly?
    Again for most companies this is not a requirement - they are more interested in the new email.
    - what SLA do you have to work to - and what sort of backup window do you have. You need to look at how quickly you can backup and restore the data if required.

    For remote access RPC over HTTPS is the method of choice, rather than POP3/IMAP.

    For 750 users without clustering I would probably be looking at a pair of backend servers and a pair of frontend servers if Exchange 2003.
    If Exchange 2007 then a pair of mailbox servers, and a pair of client access servers with the other roles spread over the CAS servers.
    Everything on RAID arrays, backup drives etc.

    High speed internet connections, SSL certificates etc.

    There are so many factors to consider in designing an Exchange site that a forum like this isn't really appropriate.

    Simon Butler
    Exchange MVP

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